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Plastic Packaging, Container, Bottle, Preform, Cap, Closure, Vial and Test Tube Inspection

Plastic manufacturing has a diverse,wide range of production methods. Our experience with our partners and different applications has made us proficient at finding the full range of defects that occur in the making of plastic packaging and to help maintain the tightest measurement tolerances to meet the most critical specification requirements.  We are experts in blow molding, injection molding and compression molding process and data analysis for automation and continuous process improvement.

We deliver world class vision inspection system technology and handling systems to meet the highest performance demands and that go above and beyond current industry standards for quality

control and quality assurance for

the diverse pharmaceutical, medical, food and beverage, industrial and commercial packaging industries.


Metal Packaging, Container, Bottle, Lid, End Cap, Closure and Crown Inspection

Metal inspection presents unique challenges for vision inspection technology. The results of our many years of learned experience in vision inspection technology have led us to be able to offer the most effective capabilities for defect detection along with precise specification measurement requirements to meet the most stringent quality demands for metal packaging.  We have developed an expertise in the challenging inspection of welded steel packaging and extruded aluminum packaging, steel can, aluminum can, steel lid, aluminum lid, steel end cap, aluminum end cap and crown manufacturing to help maximize quality control and quality assurance and give data and analytical information for automation and continuous process improvement for the wide ranging pharmaceutical, medical, food and beverage, industrial and commercial packaging industries.


Glass Bottle, Container, Vial and Test Tube Inspection

Glass inspection is one of the most challenging applications for vision inspection technology.  Our long term experience working in the most difficult environments and conditions has allowed us to be able to offer industry leading inspection of glass containers, glass bottles and glass vials for the most difficult to find defects, as well as help maintain the tightest measurement and specification tolerances possible.

As your partner for quality control, we can help you deliver the highest quality products to your customers and give you the assurance and peace of mind you deserve for the safety of your customers.  The data and analytical information we offer will maximize your efficiency and allow for automation and continuous process improvement in the pharmaceutical, medical, food and beverage, industrial and commercial packaging industries.     

In Mold Label, Applied Print, Applied Label, Applied Shrink Sleeves, Data Matrix Code and Bar Code Inspection

IML, Print, Labels and Shrink Sleeves are applied to packaging or can be inspected at many different stages of the production process.  Our ALL SURFACE ANALYSIS will make it easy for you to maintain the highest quality and maximize efficiency by finding the most challenging defects that occur in the application process.



Your partner for vision inspection, quality control, and continuous improvement. 

I2S America supplies vision inspection technology to the USA and Canada. We are a partner with Intelligent Inspection Systems (PTY) Ltd who is a global pioneer and leader in vision inspection hardware, handling systems and software. We began in 1999 by developing leading-edge software for inspection of plastic containers and have since grown as a market leader in South Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and now the Americas.

We offer unique to the industry proprietary expertise   in mechanical design and software design. Our capabilities are diverse and now used in a wide range of challenging inspection applications including plastic, metal and glass packaging. The turnkey, easy to operate intelligent inspection systems we build, with automatic set-up and intuitive software give us a true advantage in the competitive industry of vision inspection systems.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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Your partner for vision inspection, quality control, and continuous improvement. 

I2S America supplies vision inspection technology to North America. We are a partner with Intelligent Inspection Systems (PTY) Ltd who is a global pioneer and leader in vision inspection hardware, handling systems and software. We began in 1999 by developing leading-edge software for inspection of plastic containers and have since grown as a market leader in South Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and now the Americas.

We offer unique to the industry proprietary expertise   in mechanical design and software design. Our capabilities are diverse and now used in a wide range of challenging inspection applications including plastic, metal and glass packaging. The turnkey, easy to operate intelligent inspection systems we build, with automatic set-up and intuitive software give us a true advantage in the competitive industry of vision inspection systems. 


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